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Preview: Apple iPad Mini 2

As the expected release date for the iPad Mini 2 approaches, leaked photos continue to surface that show the new device in many new colors. These include silver, gold, and space gray – similar to the newly unveiled iPhone 5S.


Apple iPad Mini 2 – Silver – WiFi / 3G

Many reports suggest the iPad Mini 2 will not feature a Retina display, nor a new form factor. It’s likely that we could see Apple Touch ID implemented, with the new Apple A7 processing chip.

At first, you may not be able to see the difference between the original iPad Mini, and iPad Mini 2 and that’s because the outer shells are quite similar. It features a few small design tweaks, such as the reflective Apple logo that has been pressed into the aluminum, rather than engraved on top. The internal components, currently available, suggest an identical microphone and speaker, with minor camera improvements.

Because the form-factor of both iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2 are nearly identical, you will be able to continue using your favourite iPad Mini case or Smart Cover. It’s expected that Apple will announce new cases, potentially similar to those found on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Thanks to some OEM factories, such as Hon Hai / Foxconn, I was able to get my hands on various parts for the new iPad Mini 2. Although I don’t have all available parts, a “space gray” iPad Mini 2 has also been confirmed in the supply chain.


Expected Announcement Date: October 22nd 2013

Expected Release Date: November 2013

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iPad Mini 2iPad Mini 2

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Explosion at Foxconn – Apple partner

It was around 6-7pm when there was an explosion at the the A5 Foxconn factory, a manufacturing plant opened in 1988 which includes 15 factories. This 3 square kilometer area is said to be “Foxconn City” or “iPod City” due to the fact that they are a partner of Apple and manufacture a lot of Apple parts and products. Foxconn makes consumer electronics for a number of different well-known companies. Acer, Apple, Amazon, Intel, Nintendo, and Sony, are just a few.

Two people confirmed dead while another 16 were injured in this battle against large explosions and black smoke. A Chinese company relayed that there were more then 10 fire engines, ambulances, and 10 police cars on seen.

In past news, this company has been known for having over 10 apparent suicides committed from it. One of which, a man jumped from a building to his death last year.

Foxconn has already struggled to meet demand for the hot-selling iPad 2 just a few weeks ago, what might have been the affect of the tsunami which was going on in the same continent at the time. The shortage experienced was of both labour and materials at it’s plant in Chengdu – the same location where today’s explosion occurred.

What problems will this create for us? Will there be a second shortage of Apple products?

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