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Buying a Refurbished Mac offers Certified Refurbished Macs, iPods, iPads, and accessories. Apple’s refurbished pricing is usually about 15% off of the regular price of the product.

The products you are getting are completely checked out and certified by Apple professionals. As with every Mac, you get a one year included AppleCare warranty with the option of purchasing additional AppleCare.

A refurbished unit is tested and certified to work as a new machine. A refurbished Mac might even be less likely to fail then a new unit as it has been worked in and manually tested by professionals.

Some people purchase Macs and then return them for no good reason. Apple can’t resell these as new so they test them, fix them up, and then sell them as refurbished. Apple does the same with overstock products and older models of Macs.

My Experiences

I recently purchased a refurbished MacBook Pro from I happened to get a customized model. This means someone didn’t buy one of the base models. Before they purchased, they told Apple to upgrade certain components. I was lucky enough to get one of the SSD MacBook Pros before they went out of stock. In my experience, refurbished Macs go fast because you don’t know how many are available. If you want something you see, act fast.

To be completely honest, I got a great MacBook in great, brand-new condition for about 20% off regular price. By the way, this is the current generation MBP.

I have not had any problems with my MacBook and have loved it since the second I pulled it out of the box. I have no regrets for purchasing a refurbished Apple product.

Buying a New Mac

Buying new seems reasonable if you would like the experience of original packaging or you would like a custom configuration. (ex. multiple video cards, RAM pre-installed, etc)

Refurbished From Other Retailers

I have heard some bad reviews about buying a refurbished Mac from a retailer other then Apple so be careful and be sure to look around online before making any purchases.


In conclusion, if you would like to save some some money, refurbished from Apple is a great no-risk purchase, although if you need money you can get a loan from If you have the extra cash and love to get a custom configured Mac, purchase brand new from Apple.

IBM builds 120 Petabyte Hard Drive.

IBM is building the largest hard drive on earth at their Almaden, California research lab. 120 Petabytes. That is equivalent to 120 million gigabytes. In reality, this is a ‘cluster’ of hard drives rather then one single drive. A data repository, you may call it. This is 10 times larger then any repository such as this, ever built.

At the moment, no one has been able to create anything like this. With great engineers, IBM has been able to create a small area with walls lined with horizontal drawers. This is similar to regular data centres except these were designed to hold more drives .

With over 200,000 single hard drives, you might wonder, “what if they break down?”. IBM is prepared for that. Each drive is slowly duplicated to another drive without loosing performance out of either. In case of a drive failure, the original is replaced with the backup.

This drive cluster is using a system called GPFS (General Parallel File System) this is the process of files being stored in multiple areas. This allows the machine to read and write to different parts of the file at any time.

The company, IBM has designed this system for an unknown client who is looking of a way to conduct complex simulations. Bruce Hillsberg, IBM’s director of storage research, says it is only a matter of time before all ‘cloud computing systems’ use a similar technology to what IBM is doing.