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Textaholic teen gets carpal tunnel from texting

Info. from Cnet and ABC.

According to ABC news, 16-year-old Annie Levitz from Mundelein, Ill. began to sense a different type of feeling in her hands. They would feel tingly, numb, or just plain hurt. Annie had been texting her friends.  Finally, she went to the doctor, he diagnosed her not with text dependency, but with carpal tunnel syndrome. After this she was told that she must wear a brace on each hand and take in cortisone injections. She also had to have surgery. All of this pain for nothing other then texting, that’s right! Texting an a regular old cell phone. Over 4000 texts sent every month, She believes, though, that there might be a cure. Not for the texting, but for the carpal tunnel, an iPhone. “I do think that since it’s touch it won’t be as rough on my hands,” she said.

So there it is, a new marketing plan for  Apple’s greatest invention. The iPhone.

140 Twitter Tips ebook

Just this afternoon, Chris Pirillo sent me his newest ebook, “140 Twitter Tips”.  First off, I have to thank him for sending me this …. although I could have just purchased it for $1.40. 😀  I’ve read most of the book now and all I can say is “wow”!  I can’t even describe how nicely it is set-up and displayed. I’ve learnt lots and I haven’t even finished reading yet. If you are a new Twitter user or have been using Twitter for months (like me) I suggest you buy it becuase You will atleast learn ONE thing! And what’s there to go wrong? Your only spending $0.01 per tip! $1.40.  This ebook is a 14pg. PDF, which offers useful and practical tips for all types of users.  Just visit to purchase your own copy of 140 Twitter Tips! If you do purchase this book or have read it already post your comments and thoughts below.