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3G data plans in Canada

So you live in Canada and you want to buy a iPhone, Blackberry or any other smartphone for the features of and even more the mobile browser and 3G connection. So your at the store and the clerk asks what kind of Data plan you want for your new smartphone when you tell him unlimited Data he tells you sorry you can only get up to 5GB of Data a month.
This is what Canadians go through when they want a smartphone. Here in Canada (You know that place where the moose live) we aren’t able to get smartphone plans with more then 5GB of Data a month. Yes 5GB of Data is a lot but I mean if your a tech lover then obviously your gonna be on blogs, Youtube, Ustream, Email, Im, etc.mcuh more then the average smartphone user. But these Plans just don’t stop at smartphones. You know that iPad that just came out or you might know it has the oversized iPod Touch with 3G well there is a catch for Canadians. We can’t get more then a 5GB Data plan for them. Oh, what a coincidence.
The only way a tech lover would most likely live with 5GB of Data would be to use the 3G Data only when not at home or not at a available Wifi network until they get to one then switch to Wifi. But that is way to much work and a hassle if you want to be connected to the internet in a click.
Now What I don’t get is that if you have a normal cellphone with no Wifi but has a mobile browser like most cellphones have these days then with most carriers in Canada you can get unlimited Web Broswer… That’s unlimited Data right there. I don’t know if they are doing it on purpose or they just haven’t noticed the by pass yet but it’s a great deal for non smartphone users like myself. I’ve had unlimited mobile browser on my LG Rumour and My LG Rumour 2 for the past year and a half with Bell as my carrier and it’s awesome how im only paying 3-5 dollars a month for unlimited browser if you divide the plan up for each feature. If you are lucky some carriers allow you to use normal cellphone plans on smartphones and if this is the case you can get unlimited browser on a smartphone for a low cost.
The LG Xenon from bell is a example of a smartphone that can get unlimited browser on a normal cellphone plan. My friend has the LG Xenon and it’s 3G compatible and she uses her mobile browser a lot so it’s amazing that she doesn’t have to pay for 3G Data but can use her mobile browser unlimited times.

If you guys live in Canada or don’t agree with not being able to get unlimited 3G Data in Canada then leave a reply/comment below.

Written by RJ


As you may know, Cannon Gibbs and I work together on a podcast LIVE every Monday night at 7pm central time. We just recorded our first podcast on Thursday and then submitted it to iTunes after many minutes of editing! Hopefully iTunes accepts and allows our podcast to show up in the ‘Podcast’ section of the iTunes store. This will be free to subscribe to becuase well, it’s a podcast, you expect someone to pay? Haha.   We will be posting a link to the podcast for everyone to subscribe to when it becomes availible to the public.

That’s the update for today, we will get back to you soon with updated information on the Obviously Tech audio podcast.

Speed up your mac

Speed up your mac!

If you have a mac, you can probably notice a huge speed difference between macs and PCs. Although your Mac is already fast, why not make it faster, cleaner, and less cluttered. Here are some tips.

Helpful Apps

There are also applications you can install to help clean and speed up your system.

Here are a few reliable applications I use all the time.

Onyx: FREE A multifunction utility. It allows you to verify the Startup Disk and the structure of its System files, to run misc tasks of system maintenance, to configure the hidden parameters

Download here.

(Snow Leopard Only) $12 Squeeze is a background file compressor, which uses the new HFS-compression technology in Snow Leopard to transparently compress the folders you configure it to process.

Download here.  It’s worth $12

Pref. Pane FREE A database of hidden settings for Mac OS X

Download here.


Just buy a can of compressed air, open up your mac, blow out the fan and any other dust. Make sure to follow instructions on the can! Any computer can always use a good cleaning.


If you don’t mind spending money the most important thing to upgrade would be the RAM, random access memory. This is the memory your computer uses when opening programs, temporarily saving things, and more. RAM is very important. You can usually upgrade a Mac’s RAM for anywhere from $25 – $800 depending on what you want to upgrade from and to. A good amount for an Intel Mac is probably 2GB. and a PowerPC Mac at 1GB.

Clean your hard drive.

Your computer’s hard drive (or storage) needs some space left over to run. So don’t fill your hard drive to the point where there is no space left.

You also probably have many applications, photos, media, and files you don’t need anymore. Simply send them to the trash.

Upgrade your software

Don’t forget to do a software update every once in a while. If your mac doesn’t do it automatically, click the Apple at the top left, then click software update and follow the wizard. Also, upgrading to the latest Snow Leopard can help out with speed and hard drive space. Only a $30 – $65 upgrade.

So that’s about everything. If you have any other cool tricks or tips, comment below or email me I’m always happy to hear from you.

Shopping online

I was talking to my friend the other day and she asked why I don’t buy books at the local book store. I told her it’s becuase the price of books online is way lower then in the local book shop. I’m talking about Indigo, Amazon, and even eBay. There are so many online stores to buy books, it seems silly to pay more just to get it local. My friend told me that buying anything online is just like giving out your your credit card to everyone. I disagree. I think if it is a trusted company you are giving out your information to, you should have no problems, and if you do, you can take it up with them. It is very rare that a large company like Amazon would get ‘hacked’ (broken into) and that your information would get through to the ‘hackers’. I could see what she’s getting at though. Just buying something from ‘John’s Book store’ online might not be the best idea but…. you get my point. Just be careful where and who you give your information to and you should be safe. What are your thoughts on shopping online? Do you do it often?

IRC Chat aka Internet Relay Chat

Many don’t have a clue what this is, yet use it everyday. You can find this form of communication on JTV, Ustream, BlogTV, and thousands more not know by the average internet user.

IRC chat allow people to communicate live with one another online. Some chat rooms or channels may contain bots which are programmed to use this form of communication as well. Some chat rooms are specific to topics which are set by the channel owners or their Ops while others are free form and you may chat about anything.

Most services listed above have a built in program to allow chat while watching live or pre-recorded video stream. Another way you can chat in those channels or others services is using programs such as mIRC, xCHAT, ICEchat, etc. Most of these programs are free while others charge a minimal one time fee. There is a lot of information on the internet how to setup and use these programs, they may seem intimidating at first but once you begin to use them, they become a bit addicting to use.

Hope the above information gives you a bit more in-site as to what IRC is and inspire you to try using other ways of communicating with some of the listed services.


How to show labels on programs in windows 7 – from video!

Right click on taskbar
Click properties
Taskbar tab
To the right of Taskbar buttons click the dropdown menu
click never combine in the dropdown menu
click apply and ok
Now your done, you now have labels on your taskbar just like previous versions of Windows.