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Broadcasting Tips

Broadcasting can be very addicting and fun. Your viewers are what makes a broadcast a success. Everyone wants an active chat when broadcasting and there are some things that you can do that may help your broadcast become a success.

The first thing you will want is to establish are some rules for your channel. Please keep in mind that the fewer the rules the better. I am not a big fan of huge list of rules, to many rules can and will intimate or antagonizing viewers into purposely breaking rules. The most common rules I have are:

  1. No Advertising
  2. No Hating
  3. No Links with Out Permission
  4. No Excessive CAPS
  5. Ask Permission to PM Someone

Next you want to appoint someone you trust as an OP to help moderate the channel. One should be more than enough till your broadcast becomes popular. The biggest mistake people make is adding too many OPs to quickly and it’s hard to let them go if you need because you don’t want to hurt their feeling and some OPs tend to be emotional about their status. Also, when new viewers enter your chat for the first time and almost all your people are OPs is a major turn off and they will leave without even saying hi.

As a broadcaster, it’s your job to keep your channel entertained and let your Op(s) moderate the chat for you. Plus you won’t have much time to study the chat, just trying to answer questions can be more than enough for a broadcaster to handle. Also, some people join streaming sites to interact with someone in front of a webcam, this said it’s nice to have a cam facing you directly so people see who you really are. Some broadcasters may prefer to broadcast music and so you will see a live image of their music equipment.

The most important rule in a successful broadcast is communication, communication, communication. I have asked many times from different people “Why do they come back to my chat?” Answer is super simple, they liked being greeted by the owner or Ops when they entered, makes them know they were recognized and are welcomed to the chat.

Some things that don’t always work is 24/7 broadcasts, unless you are life casting or broadcasting something to watch other than you, these usually have slow or quiet chat rooms. Many channels boasting broadcasting 24/7 don’t do nearly as well as real live broadcasts. It takes a long time to build a successful and busy chat, especially ones where the broadcaster isn’t streaming on cam atm and the chat is still scrolling by.

Being consistent with your broadcasting times, make a simple schedule and post them somewhere on your broadcast site or website. By being consistent, your viewers will know when your show is Live. Also, create a bot for your channel for extra entertainment or if you have never created one, invite one a bot already programmed into your channel, most are free.

On a serious note, it is very important not to have any personal information available to viewers, no matter how friendly they seem, you never know who’s watching. Some even watch with out logging in, I refer to them as lurkers. I’m not saying this to deter you from broadcasting but as a precaution for your own protection.

So basically, be kind and courteous, Upbeat, with a smile, keep your channel clean and HAVE FUN!


Twitter updates 2010-07-01 to 2010-07-07

Context and Chat Slang

The biggest problem with any text chat is how people will read or miss read what is being said.  Just the other day, the chat was a bit heated with drama.  (Drama, that’s another blog lol).  I posted my favorite phrase in the chat that I use as sarcasm all the time “Good Times!”.   They read it as if I were attacking them directly.

The main thing missing when typing in chat rooms is emotion.  Without emotion people sometimes don’t understand the context at what things are being said.   To get your emotions across we have emoticons or smileys.  Using these, we can relay emotion so people understand what you mean by what you have said most of the time.

Examples:  Happy 🙂     Shock :O     Sad 🙁     Angry >(

Here are some examples of emoticons:

Another interesting topic is shortcuts or chat slang.  This comes in handy to save having to type a whole phrase or sentence and is limited to a few characters. You may have seen some being used in chat like brb, lol, rotfl these mean the following:

brb = be right back
lol = laughing out loud
rotfl = rolling on the floor laughing

you can learn more about chat slang at:

If you have questions while in chat about a slang, don’t be shy to ask what it means 🙂

Shopping online

I was talking to my friend the other day and she asked why I don’t buy books at the local book store. I told her it’s becuase the price of books online is way lower then in the local book shop. I’m talking about Indigo, Amazon, and even eBay. There are so many online stores to buy books, it seems silly to pay more just to get it local. My friend told me that buying anything online is just like giving out your your credit card to everyone. I disagree. I think if it is a trusted company you are giving out your information to, you should have no problems, and if you do, you can take it up with them. It is very rare that a large company like Amazon would get ‘hacked’ (broken into) and that your information would get through to the ‘hackers’. I could see what she’s getting at though. Just buying something from ‘John’s Book store’ online might not be the best idea but…. you get my point. Just be careful where and who you give your information to and you should be safe. What are your thoughts on shopping online? Do you do it often?

IRC Chat aka Internet Relay Chat

Many don’t have a clue what this is, yet use it everyday. You can find this form of communication on JTV, Ustream, BlogTV, and thousands more not know by the average internet user.

IRC chat allow people to communicate live with one another online. Some chat rooms or channels may contain bots which are programmed to use this form of communication as well. Some chat rooms are specific to topics which are set by the channel owners or their Ops while others are free form and you may chat about anything.

Most services listed above have a built in program to allow chat while watching live or pre-recorded video stream. Another way you can chat in those channels or others services is using programs such as mIRC, xCHAT, ICEchat, etc. Most of these programs are free while others charge a minimal one time fee. There is a lot of information on the internet how to setup and use these programs, they may seem intimidating at first but once you begin to use them, they become a bit addicting to use.

Hope the above information gives you a bit more in-site as to what IRC is and inspire you to try using other ways of communicating with some of the listed services.


Why I’m not Buying the iPad…Yet

I am not one of the thousands and thousands of people that pre-ordered the iPad, and stood in a line outside an Apple Store for an hour or so. Now, I do plan on buying one eventually, because it looks really cool, to be honest. Now, why am I not buying one now:

  1. Just because its new – I am waiting till the second generation comes out, which might have a camera, and it shouldn’t be too long till Apple updates the iPad.
  2. Price – Apple tends to change prices when they update their products. Ex: I purchased a MacBook in ‘06 for $1,300, and this year I got a MacBook Pro for $1,200. $100 dollars less for a much better machine.
  3. Apps – right now, there aren’t that many iPad-specific apps. I personally would rather use an app specifically for the iPad, on an iPad, than an iPhone/iPod Touch app on an iPad.

I can’t wait till they come out with the second generation, because I will be ordering one when it comes out. The most compelling thing about it is really the large screen, and it seems like it would be great just to sit on you couch with an iPad and go on the internet, instead on using my laptop.

Thanks for reading! : )

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