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Facebook warning.

About once a month I get a warning from Facebook in my inbox. Facebook Support <> It says:

Dear user of facebook,

Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed.

You can find your new password in attached document.


Your Facebook.

It also has an attached document:

Let me point out what’s wrong with this:

  1. Facebook doesn’t e-mail you for this reason unless you request it.
  2. It says, “Dear user of facebook”  Facebook should be capitalized and Facebook would actually say “Dear Facebook user.”
  3. They don’t do this: provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed.
  4. clients? A line above that they called us ‘users’ ?
  5. new password in attached document. NO WAY, If you requested your password to be ‘reset’ (not changed but reset) They would make a new password for you and send it in the message, not an attachment.
  6. IT’S a .zip file. It could be anything (most likely an auto-opening .exe or .dmg)
  7. Thanks, Your Facebook. ; They actually capitalized Facebook this time but should it be like this:
  8. This will get sent to people that don’t even have Facebook 🙂


Facebook Team (or credentials department)

So there is 8 reasons why this e-mail is FAKE. NEVER trust these types of e-mails for ANY website and especially do not open an attachment if you don’t know what it REALLY is! Today, I blocked the sender which looks (I doubt it is from Nice try Scammer!

Textaholic teen gets carpal tunnel from texting

Info. from Cnet and ABC.

According to ABC news, 16-year-old Annie Levitz from Mundelein, Ill. began to sense a different type of feeling in her hands. They would feel tingly, numb, or just plain hurt. Annie had been texting her friends.  Finally, she went to the doctor, he diagnosed her not with text dependency, but with carpal tunnel syndrome. After this she was told that she must wear a brace on each hand and take in cortisone injections. She also had to have surgery. All of this pain for nothing other then texting, that’s right! Texting an a regular old cell phone. Over 4000 texts sent every month, She believes, though, that there might be a cure. Not for the texting, but for the carpal tunnel, an iPhone. “I do think that since it’s touch it won’t be as rough on my hands,” she said.

So there it is, a new marketing plan for  Apple’s greatest invention. The iPhone.