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Spyware is a program that is put into someone’s computer to secretly get information about a person or organization. These data collecting programs are installed without the user knowing. They may have received this program on their system by a ‘drive-by download’ , the result of clicking something on a pop-up, or from many other places. Spyware is not usually a nice program to have on your computer.

Spyware may invade your system by being secretly installed to search for personal information  on your system. A ‘cookie’ is a well known mechanism for storing information about a user on a computer. If a cookie has information about you that you do not know about, it can be considered spyware because other programs could gather information from the cookie.

Aside from something or someone gathering information about you, general annoyance is the most common complaint about spyware. Spyware could result in other unwanted items on your computer such as system tray icons and changes in system functionality. Spyware invades privacy and is sometimes destructive. Occasionally, spyware can change registry settings or install undesired software. These are sometimes nearly impossible to fix or remove without re-installing your OS.

There are many virus protection suites that include the  basic and necessary protection against spyware and adware. Most operating systems also offer the essentials. It is important to use software to protect against these issues. Aside from software, it is critical that you think about what you are doing online. Something on a website or pop-up may look safe or legitimate but it may just be a trick. Being careful of what you download and click on could be just enough to protect you and your system from this internet related issue that affects thousands of people.

7 inch iPad running Android OS

What do you think about an Android OS tablet media device similar to the iPad? It’s called the iPed. Created as “iPad knockoff”, this 7 inch device features a 600mhz CPU, 128mb RAM, along with some other features very similar to Apple’s tablet.

This device has touch control and runs most applications that would run on any other Android device.  I am doubting the abilities of the touch screen on this inexpensive iPed.

The image above shows an iPed compared to an older model of the Apple iPhone.

If you ever come across a device similar to the iPad, maybe even advertised to be an Apple iPad, be careful! You never know what you are getting yourself into when ordering one of these portable devices.

Leave a comment below letting us know what you think of the iPed. Will there ever be a real 7″ Apple iPad?

For more information and additional specs checkout the Wikipedia page on the iPed.

IRC Bots

You may have seen bots in your channel as they are becoming quite popular these days. Bots are helpful and fun in many ways. These bot are programmed to do many tasks like play games, moderate channels, and some have fun action scripts.

I have been working on a new bot (techie-bot) that actually does all three listed above. This bot is a silent command bot and will not respond unless a specific command is given. Some commands have one result while others are random so you may not know what the out come may be, making the bot a bit more fun.

It’s also a help bot and will give you information to where you can find help when you need it. Other helpful tools include a Calculator, Universal Currency Converter, and pull up your local weather information no matter where in the world you are from.

Another popular feature is moderating, my bot will warn when a rule is broken then will Time Out or Kick the offender, only Ops can ban a viewer from a channel. Some things the bot may Time Out or Kick include flooding chat, posting certain links, language, etc. It also greets users upon entering the chat and automatically voice viewers. Keep in mind that these features are customizable per broadcasters’ needs.

For more information on bots visit:

Please visit www.techie-bot for more information about the many features my bot has to offer..

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