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Netflix – Qwikster

The CEO of Netflix apologized as to why he separated Netflix into two separate divisons. New division, Qwikster will be the DVD rental business while Netflix is streaming only. Reed Hastings, the CEO is dealing with the negative reaction, people are angry and confused.

A guy that worked for Netflix  wil nowl be working into the new company. It’s been like this forever but now it’s too the public. Two accounts, two different divisions. If you need to change anything, it’s all done separatly. Let’s say you are subscribed to both, and you need to change some of your information then you will need to do it with both.

Netflix wants to go streaming only! The problem is, all movies aren’t streamed. Some of the movies are DVD only.

They don’t want to kill the DVD business , they want to move more people over to streaming.

On the Qwikster side of things, do you think this will this idea take off? How will they promote? Will they have Kiosks, other promotional ideas? DVD express, Redbox, and others are already in this business and how is Qwikster going to compete as now, to the public, they are someone new and they don’t even have Netflix’s name to back them. No one knows really who they are.

Qwikster has video games also , at a premium like blu-ray. Pay extra for unlimited video game rentals. None of this is final so we are still waiting for details about this.

Redbox, Qwikster will die, in my opinion, they are at thier peak now. DVD business needs to get out of the way of the growing streaming business. Netflix doesn’t want to get rid of it completely though.

you might wonder who uses DVD rentals. DVD still has better quality audio and video. That is also the same with Blu-ray. They also are great if you don’t have a lot of available bandwidth.

The reactions were terrible.Netflix said they messed up. People say what they did made the company worse.

Hasting’s says they have some enhanced content coming to streaming in the near future. They need to ‘wow the customer’s and get them back on their side. We need more content on Netflix Streaming for sure.

What are your thoughts? Will you continue to use Netflix? If so, DVD or streaming? Leave your comments below.

Buying a Refurbished Mac offers Certified Refurbished Macs, iPods, iPads, and accessories. Apple’s refurbished pricing is usually about 15% off of the regular price of the product.

The products you are getting are completely checked out and certified by Apple professionals. As with every Mac, you get a one year included AppleCare warranty with the option of purchasing additional AppleCare.

A refurbished unit is tested and certified to work as a new machine. A refurbished Mac might even be less likely to fail then a new unit as it has been worked in and manually tested by professionals.

Some people purchase Macs and then return them for no good reason. Apple can’t resell these as new so they test them, fix them up, and then sell them as refurbished. Apple does the same with overstock products and older models of Macs.

My Experiences

I recently purchased a refurbished MacBook Pro from I happened to get a customized model. This means someone didn’t buy one of the base models. Before they purchased, they told Apple to upgrade certain components. I was lucky enough to get one of the SSD MacBook Pros before they went out of stock. In my experience, refurbished Macs go fast because you don’t know how many are available. If you want something you see, act fast.

To be completely honest, I got a great MacBook in great, brand-new condition for about 20% off regular price. By the way, this is the current generation MBP.

I have not had any problems with my MacBook and have loved it since the second I pulled it out of the box. I have no regrets for purchasing a refurbished Apple product.

Buying a New Mac

Buying new seems reasonable if you would like the experience of original packaging or you would like a custom configuration. (ex. multiple video cards, RAM pre-installed, etc)

Refurbished From Other Retailers

I have heard some bad reviews about buying a refurbished Mac from a retailer other then Apple so be careful and be sure to look around online before making any purchases.


In conclusion, if you would like to save some some money, refurbished from Apple is a great no-risk purchase. If you have the extra cash and love to get a custom configured Mac, purchase brand new from Apple.

IBM builds 120 Petabyte Hard Drive.

IBM is building the largest hard drive on earth at their Almaden, California research lab. 120 Petabytes. That is equivalent to 120 million gigabytes. In reality, this is a ‘cluster’ of hard drives rather then one single drive. A data repository, you may call it. This is 10 times larger then any repository such as this, ever built.

At the moment, no one has been able to create anything like this. With great engineers, IBM has been able to create a small area with walls lined with horizontal drawers. This is similar to regular data centres except these were designed to hold more drives .

With over 200,000 single hard drives, you might wonder, “what if they break down?”. IBM is prepared for that. Each drive is slowly duplicated to another drive without loosing performance out of either. In case of a drive failure, the original is replaced with the backup.

This drive cluster is using a system called GPFS (General Parallel File System) this is the process of files being stored in multiple areas. This allows the machine to read and write to different parts of the file at any time.

The company, IBM has designed this system for an unknown client who is looking of a way to conduct complex simulations. Bruce Hillsberg, IBM’s director of storage research, says it is only a matter of time before all ‘cloud computing systems’ use a similar technology to what IBM is doing.



iPhone 5 Rumors

According to many sources, the next generation iPhone will be released on October 7th, 2011. In this next release of the iPhone, the new iPhone will most likely be called the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S. In this upgrade the iPhone is supposed to have a faster processor or even maybe a dual processor inside the iPhone, this generation of the iPhone will most likely have HD cameras on both the front and back of the iPhone.

iPhone 5 webpage -

Steve Jobs -

This iPhone will still have the Apple Retina Display. Also with this release of the iPhone there will most likely be a more affordable version of the iPhone, maybe a iPhone mini or a pay-as-you go iPhone! Also many sources say that Apple is defiantly working on two versions of the next generation iPhone. We will just have to wait and see.As you can see Apple has came a long way since the original iPhone they release in January 7th, 2007. Maybe this iPhone will only be on Verizon Wireless network because Apple has had some problems with AT&T. We will just have to wait and see!

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What is Google Plus?

Google announced their new service, Google Plus at the beginning of June 2011. Basically, Google+ is a combination of a lot of services and social networks we are already used to. Google+ includes many features which may be familiar to you but according to Google, are much better.

Google+ Circles is a way to group your “friends” into different categories. Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following. You can also create your own group if you have a specific category you would like to categorize you “friends” into. This allows for better organization and more sharing options. From the circles page you can drag and drop your contacts into each of these groups.

Hangouts are virtual hangout places where you can video chat with up to 10 people. You are able to select who you want in one of your hangouts by inviting the circles of your choice. Hangout has some neat features such as switching the person you see in your main window automatically.

If you are a Google Reader user, Sparks might seem familiar to you.

Sparks brings content you are subscribed to directly to you through Google+.Each topic you subscribe to gets its own Spark Page which provides descriptions and direct links to the articles, videos, photos, and related content.

Google+ is currently an invite-only beta. So, to get in, you have to know someone currently using Google+ willing to send you an invite.

As Google+ grows, so do other social networks. Google+ could be the next largest social network.

Leave your thoughts below. Tell us what you like about Google+ and if you believe it will grow larger then Facebook when opened up to the public.

MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Thunderbolt Display

After the Apple store being closed for several hours, Apple released some new product updates. Also, all the new Macs are pre-loaded with OS X Lion. As the older Macs will also be.

MacBook Air

Price drop.

One Thunderbolt port on each model.

Apple has also added a backlit keyboard which is new to the line of MacBook Airs.

New i5 processors make these MacBooks roar.

Mac Mini

Price drop.

Mac Mini’s now also have a dual-core Intel Core i5 processor which is a nice upgrade from the Core 2 Duo. 500GB Hard drive, Thunderbolt and more.

Thunderbolt LED display

Price drop

Same 27″ with Thunderbolt port.

MacBook (Original Unibody)

The original white unibody MacBook is also not for sale anymore. We can assume Apple’s thought was to have people purchase the low end MacBook Air instead, which does feature better specs then the MacBook (white) did.