MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Thunderbolt Display –

MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Thunderbolt Display

After the Apple store being closed for several hours, Apple released some new product updates. Also, all the new Macs are pre-loaded with OS X Lion. As the older Macs will also be.

MacBook Air

Price drop.

One Thunderbolt port on each model.

Apple has also added a backlit keyboard which is new to the line of MacBook Airs.

New i5 processors make these MacBooks roar.

Mac Mini

Price drop.

Mac Mini’s now also have a dual-core Intel Core i5 processor which is a nice upgrade from the Core 2 Duo. 500GB Hard drive, Thunderbolt and more.

Thunderbolt LED display

Price drop

Same 27″ with Thunderbolt port.

MacBook (Original Unibody)

The original white unibody MacBook is also not for sale anymore. We can assume Apple’s thought was to have people purchase the low end MacBook Air instead, which does feature better specs then the MacBook (white) did.

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