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Facebook Video Calling Announcement for July 2011

In a live announcement from Facebook’s HQ in Palo Alto, Facebook CEO Mark  Zuckerberg shows us a new video chat system that combines Skype software with  Facebook’s social infrastructure.

This function is made to be very simple and functions as an app built into  Facebook. You will be able to click a small button on your friend’s chat window ,  you both install a small 500kb plugin and you’ll be video calling in no time.

Zuckerberg also announced two other new features.  One is a group chat feature  that will allow for ad hoc chats between groups of friends. The other new feature  is a new layout that will put a separate bar of friends (both online and  offline)on the side of browser.

All the features are aimed at increasing interaction between friends on Facebook.  Zuckerberg highlighted this as a key goal for his site expansion.750 million  users and counting.

I have personally tested out the video calling feature and the new sidebar. Both  looks very promising. I can’t wait until I can try them out some more.

Are Facebook’s new features as ‘awesome’ as they were said to be? I am sort of  disappointed that group calling isn’t available yet similar to Google+’s  ‘Hangout’ feature which is currently in the beta stage, invite only.

This is going to help a lot of people though, that is for sure. Like I said,  Facebook created this with simplicity in mind. This is going to be a very nice  feature for people who don’t know a lot about computers, to use. No additional off  site programs. No additional set-up, etc. It is all right there, within your own  web browser.

Leave your comments. Let us know what you think about this new service and if you are going to use it.

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