| New MacBook Airs to be announced with OS X Lion Release New MacBook Airs to be announced with OS X Lion Release –

New MacBook Airs to be announced with OS X Lion Release

On June 14th, I blogged about my predictions of Apple for June 15th. Unfortunately, none of these were correct. No new MacBook Airs and the Mac Mini update never happened.

Today I want to give my thoughts on how the MacBook Air update might relate to OS X Lion.

As I mentioned in my June 14th prediction post ( ) , most of Apple’s promotional videos for the new operating system they announced, OS X Lion , are showed on MacBook Airs. This could be a coincidence or maybe this is just Apple’s, specifically Jobs’ , favourite computer but this is a huge hint that we know a new MacBook Air might be in relation to the time OS X is available.

Now, I can’t even give you a date of when that is because, well, Apple hasn’t told us that either. One thing leads to another and my final prediction is that OS X Lion will be released the middle of July (July 20th) and with it will come a new MacBook Air. Checkout the blog post I linked above to see what my predictions of of the new MacBook Air and what makes it different from the current model.

If I continue to do this on my blog I might go a little crazy. There are so many Apple rumors every day, I’d never be able to keep up with them all. Also, I like to only give 100% real information on this blog. The reason for these last few posts is because I am really interested in Apple updates and I cannot wait for this new software and new computer to become available. If you like keeping up in Apple related rumors, check out Mac Rumors

For the Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and anything else you want to consider, anything is possible. We have found visible patterns in what Apple does and when they update so a new Mac Pro and new Mac Mini is very possible.

I could go at this all day but I thought I’d just give you an update on my thoughts. Let’s see what happens. Leave a comment below giving us your thoughts on Apple and all the rumors you’ve been hearing.

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