An Update for you! –

An Update for you!

Many people have asked me, wondering why I don’t blog anymore, and when I am going to live stream. Here is the explanation and answers.

Ever since the end of summer 2010, I have been very busy offline with school, work, and family.

My plan is to get a schedule back up for my live broadcasts and shows. The current schedule is on

For blogging on the other hand. My plan is to either write a post once a week or if that isn’t possible that week then I’ll have someone else post on As you may have seen recently, there have been some content on the blog not written by me.  Thank you Sonicorp, Techiegeek, Techit, our game reviewers and many others for contributing.

My apologies to everyone who has been confused and waiting for me to get back online.

As of today, updates and schedules should be back on track.  Remember, I will be updating the broadcast / show schedule on very soon.

Thank you to all my viewers, readers, listeners, network sponsors and contributors.

Tech on!

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