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Sharing Information

The most annoying thing I dislike the most is when you enter a technical chat to ask a question and they reply “Google is a wonderful tool!”. To me it’s rude and anti-productive.

I promote sharing information and helping as many as I can and many appreciate the help. To me, it’s nice to be able to find tech help in chat rooms and/or newsgroups. For example, I know a handful of people that share bot scripting information they created and post the information to their favorite websites or newsgroups.

Feel free to share what you have learned. In turn they may take that information and add to or even improve it which will not only help you but others as well. Instead of telling people to go to Google, find the source of information that may help and give them a link.

This said, there is a down side . . . you may get people that become dependent on your help and may return often.

Happy Sharing 🙂

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