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R.I.P. Microsoft Arc Mouse

Why I re-boxed the Microsoft Arc Mouse

Last week I went out and purchased the Microsoft Arc Mouse.

I used the wireless USB mouse until a few days ago when I couldn’t put up with the what seems to be broken scroll wheel. When I scroll upwards quicker then one line at a time, it will bring me up two lines then down one, up three, down two, etc. It seems to scroll up differently every time I want to scroll.

Other then this problem which could just be a hardware defect in this single mouse, I like the Arc mouse. It folds great, the adapter is a good size, no connection issues, etc.

I have decided to return the Microsoft mouse back to the store it came from. When I first thought about returning it, I thought I would just get a new one. Today, I decided to just get my $34* back and maybe put it towards some other new gadget.

At least I got the feel for the Arc mouse and know that it is an option for me or anyone else looking for a compact wireless USB mouse.

On Friday Aug. 13th – 9pm* we said R.I.P. as I re-boxed the MS Arc Mouse live on camera at http://live.techzany.com


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