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Earbud Yo-Yo from Covington-Creations.com

“The Earbud Yo-Yo™ is a simple solution to tangled earbuds! Like you, I was getting frustrated with trying to untangle my earbuds every time I stuffed my mp3 player in my pocket. Now, you can keep your earbuds organized all the time! Best of all, the Earbud Yo-Yo™ is so light it can stay attached to your earbuds all the time.”       from covington-creations.com

I am very impressed with the shipping times. From Texas to my home in Ontario Canada in under 4 days.

Setup was farily easy. Wrapping the earbuds around the teeth is not hard. The Yo-yo is light and easy to carry in your pocket. It’s really great that is does not come un wound while in your pocket.

This product is great for anyone that has a good set of ear buds and doesn’t want to buy a whole new set with the retractable yo-yo. Those get expensive.

Overall thoughts are great.  9/10.

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