Apple iPhone 4 problems solved? –

Apple iPhone 4 problems solved?

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At 10am PST / 1pm EST, Apple held a press conference specifically for the topic of iPhone 4 problems. When the iPhone 4s were first released there was some major issues. Calls would drop, reception was low. Who to blame, the service provider or Apple? The problem turned out to be a major hardware flaw. When you held the iPhone 4 in a certian way, it would block signal to and from the antenna. Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs replied, Avoid holding it that way or get a bumper. This resulted in a group of angry iPhone 4 users.

At the press conference, Jobs admits Apple’s newest product does have some flaws.”We’re not perfect,” Jobs told reporters. “Phones aren’t perfect either,” adding, “but we want to make all of our users happy.”

The free offer of Bumpers, (a thin case for the iPhone that solves the problem), is available through Sept. 30, and a full refund will be given to those who already bought the $29 case. “It’s very hard to escape the conclusion that there is a problem,” Jobs said, “but that problem is affecting a very small percentage of our users.”

Do you think this is a solution to the problem or does Apple need to do more?

If you don’t have an iPhone yet becuase your waiting for it to come to your country, you will be glad to know Apple is shipping out the iPhone to over 20 more countries on July 30th including Canada, Italy, and Australia.

Leave your comments below on what you think about the iPhone 4.

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