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What's new at Apple? – June '10

If you’re following me on Twitter or you keep up with the Obviously Tech Podcast, you probably know about Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference)
It was held today, June 7th 2010 at 10am CST

A lot of information was given to us. I’ll just go over two topics quickly.
Safari 5 and iPhone 4 / iOS 4

Safari 5
Safari wasn’t mentioned in WWDC but it is available, just go to your Mac’s Software Updater. Currently I am running Safari 4.0.5 as my default browser. I am no stranger to Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and many other browsers. I just prefer Safari on the Mac. Safari 5 is said to be 3% faster then Chrome and of course twice as fast as Firefox. As a fan of Safari, I’m really looking forward to Safari 5 and what it has store for it’s users. Anyone remember Safari 3? LOL. I feel funny saying that Microsoft’s search engine, Bing is going to be one one of the three preloaded default search engines. Oh well. It will be nice to have the option of using Bing a bit more. As I’m writing this blog post, I am installing Safari 5.0. I’ll be sure to keep you updated via blog post or I might even do a screen recording of a short review.

iPhone 4
The iPhone 4, running iOS 4. Let’s all thank the company that leaked photos and info about this product. This iPhone wasn’t as much of a surprise as the 3GS but still has a lot of cool new features.

Some of my favourites:
2 Cameras One front, one back, perfect for video chatting.
HD 720p video recording
Higher screen resolution dispel

The Free iOS 4 upgrade for the iPod Touch and previous iPhones obviously don’t have these physical updates such as he new camera but here are some of the new software updates:

Home Screen Wallpaper
Multi-tasking 😀 YAY!
Mail all-in-one
Would you read a book on something as small as an iPhone?

I’ll keep you up to date with more blog posts and hopefully screen recordings soon. Let me know what you think about the Apple WWDC ’10, Safari 5.0, and the new iPhone by commenting below or e-mailing me eric@techzany.com

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  1. This was extremely interesting, with much of the credit to you the poster. Would love to hear more about this from you. If you would not mind would you email me, I believe you have my email with this comment and we can talk that would be awesome. Thank you so much look forward to hearing from you.

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