Griffin Simplifi. –

Griffin Simplifi.

The Griffin Simplifi is a charge / sync dock, media card reader, and USB hub. It is made to de-clutter the top of your desk and simplify your digital life. It is one compact unit that handles your iPhone, iPod, USB connections, and all kinds of media cards.

The Simplifi is compatible with 14 different types of iPhones and iPods. Most models from 2007 to present.

It is boxed with a set of about 8 adapters, each made to clip onto the dock, like a support stand for your model of device.

I’ve had the Simplifi for about 4-5 months and I’m loving it. It looks very clean and professional sitting under my iMac. Although I have a USB hub, I could still, and have used the ports on the back as a hub. They work tremendously! The media card reader is fast, and is compatible with a whole bunch of different media cards. Overall this is a great product and I recommend it to anyone looking for a USB hub / dock. It was about $69 but I think it was well worth buying.

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