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Context and Chat Slang

The biggest problem with any text chat is how people will read or miss read what is being said.  Just the other day, the chat was a bit heated with drama.  (Drama, that’s another blog lol).  I posted my favorite phrase in the chat that I use as sarcasm all the time “Good Times!”.   They read it as if I were attacking them directly.

The main thing missing when typing in chat rooms is emotion.  Without emotion people sometimes don’t understand the context at what things are being said.   To get your emotions across we have emoticons or smileys.  Using these, we can relay emotion so people understand what you mean by what you have said most of the time.

Examples:  Happy 🙂     Shock :O     Sad 🙁     Angry >(

Here are some examples of emoticons:

Another interesting topic is shortcuts or chat slang.  This comes in handy to save having to type a whole phrase or sentence and is limited to a few characters. You may have seen some being used in chat like brb, lol, rotfl these mean the following:

brb = be right back
lol = laughing out loud
rotfl = rolling on the floor laughing

you can learn more about chat slang at:

If you have questions while in chat about a slang, don’t be shy to ask what it means 🙂

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