Apple iPhone 4: What's happening?!?!? –

Apple iPhone 4: What's happening?!?!?

A new design, display, processor, and not to mention the stunning new iOS 4, the Apple iPhone 4 is the hottest and thinnest smartphone out there!

Apple Store, Canada

No official stats have been released on how many iPhone 4s have been sold, but with preorders and recent release I bet it’s up in the millions.

According to popular technology news websites, such as “Apple to sell unlocked iPhone 4 in Canada” Unlocked meaning ‘not locked to AT&T’.  In my opinion, this would be great for us Canadians. Grab an iPhone 4 for about $500 and hook it up on any compatible network. No contract. I’ve heard AT&T has been having some problems lately…..
According to Apple CEO Steve Job’s Keynote in early June, iPhone 4 should be availible in Canada July 2010.

Do you have an iPhone 4? How are you liking it? Are you planning on geting one? Leave a comment below.

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