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3G data plans in Canada

So you live in Canada and you want to buy a iPhone, Blackberry or any other smartphone for the features of and even more the mobile browser and 3G connection. So your at the store and the clerk asks what kind of Data plan you want for your new smartphone when you tell him unlimited Data he tells you sorry you can only get up to 5GB of Data a month.
This is what Canadians go through when they want a smartphone. Here in Canada (You know that place where the moose live) we aren’t able to get smartphone plans with more then 5GB of Data a month. Yes 5GB of Data is a lot but I mean if your a tech lover then obviously your gonna be on blogs, Youtube, Ustream, Email, Im, etc.mcuh more then the average smartphone user. But these Plans just don’t stop at smartphones. You know that iPad that just came out or you might know it has the oversized iPod Touch with 3G well there is a catch for Canadians. We can’t get more then a 5GB Data plan for them. Oh, what a coincidence.
The only way a tech lover would most likely live with 5GB of Data would be to use the 3G Data only when not at home or not at a available Wifi network until they get to one then switch to Wifi. But that is way to much work and a hassle if you want to be connected to the internet in a click.
Now What I don’t get is that if you have a normal cellphone with no Wifi but has a mobile browser like most cellphones have these days then with most carriers in Canada you can get unlimited Web Broswer… That’s unlimited Data right there. I don’t know if they are doing it on purpose or they just haven’t noticed the by pass yet but it’s a great deal for non smartphone users like myself. I’ve had unlimited mobile browser on my LG Rumour and My LG Rumour 2 for the past year and a half with Bell as my carrier and it’s awesome how im only paying 3-5 dollars a month for unlimited browser if you divide the plan up for each feature. If you are lucky some carriers allow you to use normal cellphone plans on smartphones and if this is the case you can get unlimited browser on a smartphone for a low cost.
The LG Xenon from bell is a example of a smartphone that can get unlimited browser on a normal cellphone plan. My friend has the LG Xenon and it’s 3G compatible and she uses her mobile browser a lot so it’s amazing that she doesn’t have to pay for 3G Data but can use her mobile browser unlimited times.

If you guys live in Canada or don’t agree with not being able to get unlimited 3G Data in Canada then leave a reply/comment below.

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  4. thats bullshit why is that?? i have virgin mobile and i get unlimited data right down here in the u.s why can’t you get unlimited up there.

  5. I’m in canad a and it suckssss dataplans are crazy! With telus I have to pay 30$/month to have 2GB/month of usage data that is practically like stealljng us!

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