Shopping online –

Shopping online

I was talking to my friend the other day and she asked why I don’t buy books at the local book store. I told her it’s becuase the price of books online is way lower then in the local book shop. I’m talking about Indigo, Amazon, and even eBay. There are so many online stores to buy books, it seems silly to pay more just to get it local. My friend told me that buying anything online is just like giving out your your credit card to everyone. I disagree. I think if it is a trusted company you are giving out your information to, you should have no problems, and if you do, you can take it up with them. It is very rare that a large company like Amazon would get ‘hacked’ (broken into) and that your information would get through to the ‘hackers’. I could see what she’s getting at though. Just buying something from ‘John’s Book store’ online might not be the best idea but…. you get my point. Just be careful where and who you give your information to and you should be safe. What are your thoughts on shopping online? Do you do it often?

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