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Why I’m not Buying the iPad…Yet

I am not one of the thousands and thousands of people that pre-ordered the iPad, and stood in a line outside an Apple Store for an hour or so. Now, I do plan on buying one eventually, because it looks really cool, to be honest. Now, why am I not buying one now:

  1. Just because its new – I am waiting till the second generation comes out, which might have a camera, and it shouldn’t be too long till Apple updates the iPad.
  2. Price – Apple tends to change prices when they update their products. Ex: I purchased a MacBook in ‘06 for $1,300, and this year I got a MacBook Pro for $1,200. $100 dollars less for a much better machine.
  3. Apps – right now, there aren’t that many iPad-specific apps. I personally would rather use an app specifically for the iPad, on an iPad, than an iPhone/iPod Touch app on an iPad.

I can’t wait till they come out with the second generation, because I will be ordering one when it comes out. The most compelling thing about it is really the large screen, and it seems like it would be great just to sit on you couch with an iPad and go on the internet, instead on using my laptop.

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