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You may have seen bots in your channel as they are becoming quite popular these days. Bots are helpful and fun in many ways. These bot are programmed to do many tasks like play games, moderate channels, and some have fun action scripts.

I have been working on a new bot (techie-bot) that actually does all three listed above. This bot is a silent command bot and will not respond unless a specific command is given. Some commands have one result while others are random so you may not know what the out come may be, making the bot a bit more fun.

It’s also a help bot and will give you information to where you can find help when you need it. Other helpful tools include a Calculator, Universal Currency Converter, and pull up your local weather information no matter where in the world you are from.

Another popular feature is moderating, my bot will warn when a rule is broken then will Time Out or Kick the offender, only Ops can ban a viewer from a channel. Some things the bot may Time Out or Kick include flooding chat, posting certain links, language, etc. It also greets users upon entering the chat and automatically voice viewers. Keep in mind that these features are customizable per broadcasters’ needs.

For more information on bots visit:

Please visit www.techie-bot for more information about the many features my bot has to offer..

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